Inspector panel & Lock zones

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The Inspector panel is always available on the right hand side of the window, and is collapsed by default. 

Unit of measure

The total area of your site is shown at the very top, just above the unit of measure selector. We currently support Metric and Imperial (UK). 


The second section lists all the zones defined in your Canvas. You can rename them using the pen icon shown on hover, for better referencing throughout the application. 

Zone type selector

The zone type selector allows you to switch between Exclusion and Buildable. TESSA will not generate any building on Exclusion zones, shown in red, which can be used to account for car parks, playgrounds or any other amenities or services areas. Brief cannot be defined on Exclusion zones.


The second section summarises key metrics, divided in three categories (Design, Cost and Sustainability), corresponding to the current Canvas selection (site, zone or building). If nothing is selected in the Canvas, metrics are shown for the entire site. Metrics can be shown based on metric or imperial unit system using the unit of measure selector at the top of the Inspector panel.

The "See all metrics" button at the very bottom of the panel gives you access to detailed metrics organised in a drawer, including area schedules, industry standard cost plans and a sustainability dashboard. 

Lock zones

The padlock on the right hand side of the zone name allows you to lock the buildings generated on that specific zone. This will automatically triggers the re-generation of all other unlocked zones on site. The Explore table will reload with new Design Options including the same building layouts on the locked zone(s). 

A locked zones cannot be edited, its brief settings will be greyed out and the wing editor will become unavailable. Unlock the zone, by clicking on the padlock again, to edit your zone, brief or use the wing editor. 

Lock zones are useful if a particular building arrangements works well on a zone, but further iterations are required on other zones. 

Lock zone and Wing Editor

We recommend locking zones as soon as you are done using the Wing Editor or any other manual post-processing on a given zone, in order to secure your changes. Otherwise, an alteration of the brief could trigger the re-generation of that zone, and override your changes.

You can also save the Design Option with the changes required. 

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