October 2023 - TESSA 1.1 Launch

Modified on Fri, 17 Nov 2023 at 06:42 AM

What's New in TESSA 1.10 (12/10/2023)

For the previous release log, please visit September 2023 - Wing Editor (1.04, 1.05)


  • The design of the Inspector panel, collapsed by default, has been upgraded. It also synchronises with the Canvas selection (site, zone and building), which means that if you select one or more building(s) or zone(s) in the Canvas, the metrics shown in the Inspector panel will adjust to your selection.  
  • The list of all zones is shown at the top of the Explore panel, where you can rename, change their type (Exclusion or Buildable) and/or lock them. 
  • The ability to lock a zone from the Inspector will "freeze" or lock all building(s) generated on the given zone, and re-generate all other zones that haven't been locked. To learn more, see article here.
  • Canvas row: The first row of the Explore table, greyed out and labelled "Canvas", shows to metrics of the Design Option currently loaded in the Canvas. This option was either automatically generated, in which case it is a copy of another row of the table the user has selected, or manually post-processed using the Wing Editor.
    The other 10 rows of the table are unchanged, and corresponds to Design Options automatically generated based on the site and brief definition. See article here.
  • The button to save a Design Option as been moved to the toolbox on the left hand side of the Canvas, shown by a bookmark icon. 
  • The button to export a Design Option has been added to the toolbox, underneath the Save icon. Only Revit 2021 package exports is available for now, with .csv and .pdf soon to be released. Your Design Option must be saved before exporting to BIM - see article here.


  • The brief now responds to the Canvas selection and zone type. A brief can only be defined for Buildable zones, and cannot be modified if the zone is locked.  

  • Improve the way our algorithm creates sub-branches, therefore leading to better Land Coverage. 
  • Improve the details of our roof/parapet generation strategy, as illustrated below.

Bug fixes

  • The Search functionality now works with addresses as well postcodes.
  • Fix calculation for densities.
  • Fix various bugs in the Explore table and display of unit of measures.

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently two known bugs we are currently working on fixing permanently: 

  1. The display of Design Option will desynchronised when you change screen resolution (for example moving your web browser from your laptop to a bigger screen) or zoom setting of your browser. To temporarily fix this, refresh your browser. 
  2. Buildings on locked zones will disappear if you edit your site after locking these zones (for example, by creating a new zone, slicing an existing zone, setting an Edge Offset). A workaround is to unlocked these zones, proceed to your changes and lock them again once completed. 

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