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How to create a new Project

The first page you land on when logging into TESSA or when clicking the TESSA logo in the left side navigation panel is the Project Directory. From here you an create a new Project by clicking the "Create New Project" button.

Supply a name for your Project and click "Create Project":

From here you will be taken to the Canvas with a map where you can start to create your site. 

How to create a Site

Within TESSA, we have 2 layers of spaces within your project that TESSA will use as an outline to generate buildings in.

Site - this is the overall area of your project

Zone - these are individual areas within your site and a site can have multiple zones. For further details on what's possible on zones, see this article

To create a site, select the Create pencil from the toolbox on the left hand side

Now you can start to draw your site by clicking on the starting point. At each change of direction, click to fix the line. The site will be created once you join the lines together. If you need to cancel and start again at any point, press "esc" on your keyboard.

Joined lines - observe that the colour has change to a light green.

TESSA will now start to generate design options in the table at the bottom of the screen. These design options will be generated using a default brief which can be changed. For further details on the table and brief see this article. 

To view the options, click the select tool from the toolbox on the left hand side

Generated design options.

Editing a Site

You have various options to edit a site, including:

  • Adjusting the site outline
  • Cutting the site into multiple zones
  • Delete zones
  • Merge Zones together
  • Draw an additional zone

How to edit the site outline

To adjust the site outline, select the pencil tool from the toolbox

You will now see the site outline with the "handle" circles. These can be clicked and dragged to adjust the shape of the site as needed. Once you are happy with the shape, let go of your mouse and click back to the "select" tool to view the generated design options which will now fill the adjusted site shape.

How to cut a site into multiple zones

If you want to create multiple zones within an existing site - for example to be able to generate different building heights/layouts or have exclusion areas, you can cut a site into multiple zones. To do this, select the scissor tool from the toolbox on the left hand side.

Now click on the line of the site that you want to cut from and then click on the line you want to cut to. A new zone will be created and the brief can be adjusted independently for each zone. 

How to delete a zone

If you 

Create a project > search for a site > create a site > edit a site and using the toolbox.

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