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What is the physical basis of the Design Options that TESSA generates? 

Modulous has designed a proprietary Kit of Parts, which is a fully engineered modular building system comprising prefabricated assemblies that can be combined to form volumetric modules. These modules are then organised into standardised apartment layouts, or units. 


An individual component within the Modulous Kit of Parts (e.g. a wall panel). 


Standardised volumes that are configured using assemblies from the Modulous Kit of Parts. Modules carry the structural frame. Standard dimensions are:

  • Standard - external 3.875m x 7.475m / internal 3.6m x 7.2m  
  • Corner - external 3.875m x 9.475m /internal 3.6m x 9.2m  
  • Balcony unit - external 3.875m x 5.975m /internal 3.6m x 5.7m 
  • Narrow - external 2.675m x 7.475m / internal 2.4m x 7.2m 


A set of modules (typically two to four) that have been organised into a habitable dwelling. Standard libraries of units are designed in-house. The first TESSA Unit Library comprises seven types, categorised by their size (number of bedrooms) and occupancy (number of people) as follows: 

  • 1B2P - Scarlet 100 & 101 
  • 2B3P - Scarlet 200 & 201 
  • 2B4P - Scarlet 202 
  • 3B5P - Scarlet 300 
  • 3B6P - Scarlet 301

The Scarlet library complies with the UK National Space Standard for residential housing. Further libraries will be developed in line with market needs, to offer a broader variety of tenure types to users (e.g. social or private rental, affordable, or student accommodation). 

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